Soddy Daisy has it all. No matter what your mood, Soddy Daisy offers a variety of restaurants to fix your food craving.

Steve's Landing

1145 Poling Cir , Soddy Daisy , TN 37379-5721 423-332-4098

Chianti Ristorante Italiano and Pizzeria

8968 Dayton Pike. , Soddy Daisy , TN 37379 423-332-4950

Whether looking for a romantic dinner for two, a hot coffee drink and a slice of cake, or a casual lunch, our staff at Chianti prides themselves in their ability to satisfy the wide variety of guests that have chosen us over the years.

Flavor of Italy

10330 Dayton Pike , Soddy Daisy , TN 37379 (423) 451-7298

The Flavor of Italy story

The Chef was born near Salerno, Italy. He grew up on a farm in the country side of Italy. He attended culinary school in Salerno. Was a Chef in Germany and on a cruise liner. It was on the cruise liner he met up with his wife a Latina New Yorker. The two fell in love and married 60 days later. This brought The Chef to the Florida area with his new bride. How ever, the desire to have a family brought the couple to Tennessee to raise their son in an environment reminiscent of The Chef Italian country side. They are home here now and proud to offer authentic southern Italian cuisine.

Celebrating four year anniversary.The restaurant has blossom and we have a new family all of our customers who have supported our restaurant & catering business in the last few years.The Chef is always cooking up new dishes to add on to our Daily Chef Specials.You can't get more authentic then Flavors.

Mo Mo Hibachi

9332 Dayton PIke , Soddy Daisy , TN

Home Folks Restaurant

8981 Dayton Pike , Soddy Daisy , TN 37379-4311 423-332-5724

Blue Ribbon Cafe

9705 Dayton Pike , Soddy Daisy , TN 37379-4729 423-332-5005

Delia's Mexican Restaurant

105 Porter St , Soddy Daisy , TN

Charlie's Restaurant Lounge

8504 Dayton Pike , Soddy Daisy , TN 37379-4205 423-842-9744


9347 Springfield Rd , Soddy Daisy , TN 37379-4846 423-648-6491

Step into the way-back machine and set the dials to 1990. Step into a world where Seinfeld isn't a hit, Starbucks aren't on every corner, and cell phones were way too big to fit in your pocket. But something is missing. There is no Zaxby's.

That's because childhood pals Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley hadn't invented it yet. They were still hanging out playing basketball at Zach's, talkin' trash and imagining it into being. They didn't know much about the restaurant business. But they knew this much: the chicken they could find in Statesboro, Georgia, was okay, but not really fresh or zesty. And the local wing joints were good, but couldn't touch the wing joints where they went to school. Plus, none of the local chicken places were fun or had any personality. So they dreamed up Zaxby's. Right there. On the basketball court. Between Zach's missed foul shots and Tony's bricks from 3-point land. The rest, as they say, is chicken history.

No One Chinese Restaurant

10161 Dayton Pike , Soddy Daisy , TN 37379 (423) 332-7890

Rafiel's Italian Restaurant

9607 Dayton Pike , Soddy Daisy , TN 37379 (423) 332-4559

Wimpies Country Restaurant

9828 Dayton Pike , Soddy Daisy , TN 37379-4730 (423) 332-6201


9398 Reco Dr , Soddy Daisy , TN 37379-4811 423-332-4494

Kay's Kastles

8804 Dayton Pike , Soddy Daisy , TN 37379 (423) 332-3310

Huddle House

9401 Reco Dr , Soddy Daisy , TN 37379 423-332-0522

Huddle House was founded in 1964 by John Sparks. Having already opened a few restaurants under various names, he needed a great name for his restaurant chain. One evening in Decatur, Georgia, he saw a boy meeting friends after football practice holding his helmet in one hand and a football in the other. It looked as if the group were "huddled up" talking and laughing together. It was at that moment he decided that Huddle House was the perfect name for the restaurant chain and it would be the place where folks would gather, or "huddle up," for great food and good times after Friday night football games. So, with its new name, Huddle House was born.

Aris' Harbor Light

Hixson Pike 9718 , Soddy Daisy , TN 37379 (423) 843-2800

Pizza Hut

10043 Dayton Pike , Soddy Daisy , TN 37379-5004 423-332-9460

Penney's Place

10636 Dayton Pike , Soddy Daisy , TN 37379-5216 423-332-1278

Snooker's Soddy Daisy

12130 Dayton Pike , Soddy Daisy , TN 37379-7520 (423) 451-7636

Great American Burger Co.

202 Durham St , Soddy Daisy , TN 37379 423-618-3186

Shufords BBQ

11320 Dayton Pike , Soddy Daisy , TN 37379-6404 423-451-7102

At Shuford's Smokehouse. Barbecue is a way of life and a proud part of our community. You can taste it in every bite of our smoked meats, beans, fries and our local favorite banana pudding. Come see why people keep coming back to Shuford's.


125 Harrison Ln , Soddy Daisy , TN 37379-4862 423-332-1705

Let's toss bland and boring aside. Let's grab life by the buns. Let's invite the whole crew, open wide and sink our teeth into a place with an 80+ year history, and a very bright future. Because when something's this amazing, you want to share it with the world. In other words…Let's Krystal!

Debbie's Desserts & Coffee Shop

11210 Dayton Pike , Soddy Daisy , TN 37379

























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